Private Coaching

Paul has extensive experience of working with clients on a 1:1 basis to enable the best results are attained.

If you are a busy CEO, Doctor, Entrepreneur or just lead a super busy lifestyle-but neglect the one person that makes its all tick, you! Then Paul is perfectly placed to help you integrate fitness and wellbeing into your schedule.

Being a company owner, Paul is fully aware of how running a business can take over and how your productivity can drop if you don’t look after yourself. The necessity to ensure your body is in top condition to allow your mind to function at its best, only results in better productivity in the workplace.

Think fitness, recovery, habit tracking, accountability and support and then you have the total holistic coaching package that has helped hundreds of professionals change their life. Forget quick fixes, Paul only works with long-term lifestyle change, that involves education, sustainability and incredible results.


Private Coaching

Exclusive use of the PJG studio with just you and me.

1:1 Private Coaching £56.00 per hour

1:2 Private Coaching £76.500 per hour

55 Minute Deep Tissue Massage £56.00

A full body massage to relieve tension and aches using hands on and percussive massage techniques. Lightly scented almond oil whilst you relax on heated soft bed.

Small Group Private Classes £10 per hour

Chose between Stretch & Mobility or Box & Core. With a maximum of 10 people these are intimate and perfect for supplementing your weekly training schedule.

Postural Analysis – 60 Minutes £90

An assessment to analyse and identify imbalances and weaknesses in your posture. Includes a brief report of findings.

Full Health Body Assessment

This assessment includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Body composition
  • Enhanced health checks, including blood pressure, heart rate, peak flow, lung function tests
  • Grip strength and fitness test.
  • A full comprehensive report of results and recommendations is included.

Cost £495.