Injury Rehabilitation

Paul’s private studio is just outside Wymondham and fully equipped to help you achieve your goals and beyond. His areas of specialism include:

Specialist/Complex medical needs

Paul has a few areas of specialist interest; he loves to work with clients with complex medical needs and injury rehabilitation. He also helps clients with severe neurological conditions, such as stroke survivors, identify out-of-the-box approaches to improve their overall body fitness such as balance, strength, hand-to-eye coordination, reducing fatigue, brain fitness and endurance.

Paul works closely with your clinician and physio to ensure the training he gives supports your journey.

This is extremely important for both physical and mental health and maintaining a normality level for as long as possible.
Paul has worked with various specific medical needs, including wheelchair-bound clients, amputees, cancer survivors and people with physical or mental disabilities.

Knee/Spinal rehabilitation

Having had two separate knee surgeries in both knees spanning 27 years, plus a significant back injury in 2021, Paul works a lot with clients struggling to get back mobility and fitness both pre and post-surgery. Whether you have a minor cartilage tear, a significant ACL injury, simple back pain or slipped disc, Paul can assist with a programme to complement your surgery plan.

Paul works with clients who have experienced short or long issues with back and core weaknesses.

Paul also has access to a team of experts who can assist in physiotherapy, postural analysis with supporting mobility exercise prescription and sports therapists to ensure your rehabilitation journey is the safest and most effective.
In summary, Paul is fully aware of the limitations you may have and what is required to progress.