Luxury fitness & lifestyle brand
Luxury fitness & lifestyle brand

Personal Trainer of the Year Award 2021

Twenty-six years after winning his first award,  Paul was humbled to pick up his latest award as Personal Trainer of the Year 2021 (London & South East) at the Prestige Business Awards. 

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The ‘Paul Jewiss Group’ is a luxury fitness & lifestyle brand offering everything you need to transform and improve your body from the inside out…..

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Learn the 3-point hip hinge to master the Deadlift

Learn the 3-point hip hinge to master the Deadlift Written by Darren Jones   Why is it important we know how? The Deadlift is a technical hip dominant exercise which requires us to create tension, maintain a braced neutral position and correct posture throughout...

Why you should foam roll

Why you should foam roll Written by Shantelle Melton   Foam rolling is a self massage technique and can be very useful to add to your warm-up or cool down, before and after exercise.   There are many benefits of foam rolling:   Ease muscle pain and...

Workplace posture

WORKPLACE POSTURE Written by Shantelle Melton   Before sitting at your desk to start work for the week make sure it is set up correctly! I cannot stress how important this is for your health and prevent tension and stress building in your muscles!   I often...

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