Personal Training

Pauls private studio is in between Wymondham and Attleborough and is fully equipped to help your achieve your goals and beyond. His areas of specialism include:

Specialist/complex needs

Paul has a couple of areas of specialist interests and he loves to work with clients with complex medical needs and injury rehabilitation. He also helps clients with serious neurological needs such as stroke survivors, identifying out of the box approaches to improve their overall body fitness such as balance, strength, hand to eye coordination and endurance.

Paul works closely with your clinician and physio to ensure the training he gives, supports your journey.
This is extremely important for not only physical health but for mental health and to maintain a level of normality for as long as possible.

Paul has worked with an array of specific medical needs including pre menopausal, wheelchair bound clients, amputees and cancer survivors.

Injury rehabilitation

Having had two separate knee surgeries in both knees spanning across 27 years, Paul works a lot with clients that are struggling to get back mobility and fitness both pre and post knee surgery. Whether you have a minor cartilage tear or a significant injury to your ACL, Paul can assist with a programme to complement your surgery plan. Paul has also worked a lot with clients who also experienced short or long issues with back and core weakness.

Event preparation

If you have an event your are training for Paul can devise a specific training programme to optimise your performance, whether its a Tough Mudder, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or cycling from London to Paris! Paul can work with his team of associate experts to to only formulate the best approach to training but also nutrition. Paul also has extensive experience of working with cyclists, runners and triathletes.

Lifestyle integration

Are you a busy desk worker, CEO, Company Director or just trying to work full time whilst looking after a family and need to integrate a regular training routine into YOUR life, but just don’t seem to find the time?

Paul can help review your commitments, identify your needs and come up with a realistic and sustainable programme to help YOU look after YOU.

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