Personal Training

With over 25 years experience and over 35000 hours of coaching experience, Paul has trained a large variety of clients with a range of needs.

Paul now works with clients that want to work on long term lifestyle change through a range of fitness programmes that incorporate elements around exercise, nutrition and more importantly habit forming.

Whether your goal is weight loss, body sculpting, specialist event training such as Tough Mudder or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Paul can tailor a bespoke programme to help you achieve this.

This can be achieved by a host of training types such as strength and conditioning, HIIT training, boxing and circuit training, using equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags, Indian clubs, slam balls, battle ropes, inertia wave and blaze pods.

Paul also has a couple of areas of specialist interests and he loves to work with clients with complex medical needs and injury rehabilitation. Having had two separate knee surgeries in both knees spanning across 27 years, he works a lot with clients that are struggling to get back mobility and fitness both pre and post knee surgery. He also helps clients with serious neurological needs such as stroke survivors, identifying out of the box approaches to improve their overall body fitness such as balance, strength, hand to eye coordination and endurance.

Paul works closely with your clinician and physio to ensure the training he gives, supports your journey.

This is extremely important for not only physical health but for mental health and to maintain a level of normality for as long as possible.

Pauls other passion is sports specific training for cyclists, having been a successful cyclist at junior level.

Paul also has a team of associate expert coaches that help him provide personal services that include postural analysis, sports massage, nutrition formulation and life coaching.

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