Clare Sisson

Age 45

What made you come to PJG?

I was selected for Eastern Counties Ladies rugby squad at a point where I hadn’t been playing for a while and was shockingly unfit.  I needed to turn it round to be in with a chance of team selection.  Within a few weeks we went into lockdown and the rugby had been cancelled but I realised I wanted to stay fit and play rugby again so I kept training.

How long have you been training with PJG?

Nearly two years now.

What’s been the biggest impact on your life whilst training with PJG?

I am still playing rugby at my age!  I have been able to play other positions on the pitch having increased my strength and have improved my fitness and mental stamina more widely.

What’s your favourite PJG work out?

My favourite thing about a PJG work out is that they are all different, and there are times when he knows better than me what I need.  Its easier to pick out what I don’t like, but after a while these turn out to be favourites – whether it is the metal monster machine for lifting weights or the elastic bands to move up and down. I enjoyed sprint training, balance training and I love the ski erg.  Definitely preferred the last warm up bike though!

Describe PJG in 3 words

Another word for fun.

What’s your favourite thing about PJG?

His subtle art of getting you fitter without you even noticing you are there because every session takes you just beyond where you thought you could get.  His adaptability of sessions and the generosity in which he hands out extra exercises by pretending he can’t count!

Why would you recommend coaching with PJG?

His interest in getting the best out of you for your goals.  Not recycling old sessions or determining what your goals should be.  That is why he is able to train a diverse group of people with different outcomes and wishes.