Twenty-six years after winning his first award,  Paul was humbled to pick up his latest award as Personal Trainer of the Year 2021 (London & South East) at the Prestige Business Awards. 

A Personal Trainer from Wymondham who
has been in the fitness industry since 1996 has helped change many people’s lives over the years, and has recently won this year’s Personal Trainer of the Year from the London Prestige Business Awards.

Paul Jewiss, 46, who has a private studio just outside of Wymondham, was inspired to help others after sustaining a severe knee injury at the age of 19 and was coached back to fitness. Since then, Mr Jewiss has helped hundreds of clients overcome their personal goals. including improving self-confidence, weight loss, complex medical needs, injury rehabilitation as well as general fitness. He said: I’ve always had a fascination with how the body works, and to find out what we are truly capable of – we all have an inner athlete! Reflecting on his Prestige Award, Paul added: “I was so humbled to hear that I was nominated by several of my clients, especially as there are so many good Personal Trainers around. It feels amazing that after so long in the industry, you are still being recognised that you bring positive value to people’s lives. I will always continue to help people who need it”