Imagine swimming 2.4 miles, followed by a 112 mile cycle and finished off with your 26.2 mile marathon, sounds hard work just thinking about it right?

Now, imagine doing this 10 times in a row, thats right you read right, 10 times!

Well don’t worry Im not, but a good friend of PJG is.

Maria Graves, is an ultra endurance triathlete from Holt in Norfolk and is well known for competing in and completing some crazy endurance events. As I write this, Maria has just completed the Enduroman event, which is 2 Ironman’s back to back.

From 23rd July to 1st August, Maria will be one of only a select few that will be competing in an event called the DECA10. Thats a total swim of 24 miles, 1120 on the bike (further than Lands End to John O Groats) and 262 miles of running.

Maria has been doing triathlons since 2011 and been training for this event for around 6 months, and the training alone is pretty impressive considering she isn’t a professional triathlete, she holds down a full time job working shifts and is a mum of 2 children, so time is tight.

She gets around some of this challenge by training on her turbo trainer which is set up in a spare room in her home, enabling her to train but also look after her family.

Ive been looking at her social media posts and data on Strava and its not uncommon to see her completing several hours on her stationary bike! Having competed in cycle racing pretty seriously as a junior myself, I can vouch for how tough and boring this can be, so having the right mindset is key-something Maria seems to have! As well as an average of 200 miles per week on the bike, Maria is also averaging 30 miles running and a couple of swims.

Along with training, nutrition is important. Now when I spoke to Maria before last weekends event, she said she will be burning around 8000 calories a day during DECA10. The average female consumes around 1500-2000 per day, so Maria needs ALOT more to keep her muscles, which are her engine, burning to keep her moving and to keep her warm when she’s competing through the night.

To meet her demands, Maria will be eating pretty much anything and everything she can get her hands on! To help her, PJG is happy to step in and support and will be sponsoring some Herbalife CR7 sports drinks, which is a combination of slow release carbohydrates for energy and electrolytes for replacement through all that sweating Maria will be doing.

Sleep, not much around 3-4 hours per day… and thats because the cut off time period is 20 hours per day.

Id like to take the opportunity to thank Something Different Gifts for donating some one off personalised drinks bottles.

Maria is still looking out for anyone that is interested in sponsoring her for a few items that will help her achieve this amazing challenge! If your interested please drop me a message at paul@pauljewissgroup.com

We wish Maria all the luck and we look forward to Maria becoming the very second female in the World to complete the DECA10!